Group Tours

Group tours are offered at the discounted rate of $10 per person. A minimum of ten guests per group is required and the driver and escort(s) are complimentary. Make your group tour even more special by arranging a step-on bus tour of Bristol and/or lunch in our tented courtyard (offered seasonally). For any questions or to arrange a group tour, please contact the Linden Place office at 401-253-0390 or e-mail

Specialty and Group Tour Offerings 



Tour highlights include tales of DeWolf family exploits, from their privateering and slave trading to their financial triumphant return to prosperity during the Victorian times. Docents   introduce visitors to family members, Samuel Pomeroy Colt, founder of United States Rubber, now Uniroyal, his mother, Theodora DeWolf Colt, who as Madam Colt ran Bristol Society   from Linden Place as if she was Queen Victoria and the great actress Ethel Barrymore who married into the most prominent of American families. At the tour's end, visitors are   welcome to stroll the sculpture-filled gardens where they find Greek bronzes and the 18th century gazebo.
 Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Cost: $10.00/person

Bus Tour of Bristol

A Linden Place tour guide will conduct an entertaining fact-filled, personalized bus tour through the fascinating and historic town of Bristol, Rhode Island. This one-hour tour includes the history of Bristol dating back to the settlement of Bristol in the mid-1600's, King Phillip's War, Bristol's growth as a major RI seaport and then into the industrial era and present day. Along the way, guests will view the town common, significant historic homes and buildings, the famous 4th of July Parade route, Bristol's historic harbor district, panoramic views of Narragansett Bay from beautiful Colt State Park and more, all from the comfort of their coach seats. A great way to see the entire town in a short, information-filled and fun way.

Duration: 1 hour 
Where: Starts and ends at Linden Place
Cost: $75.00 flat fee
Notes: Must be done in conjunction with a Linden Place Mansion tour 

The Ladies of Linden Place Tour

This guided tour focuses on the lives of the women who made history at Linden Place Mansion. As you tour the 200-year-old mansion rooms, the women of Linden Place come alive through the portraits, photographs, artifacts and more. Learn about the many generations of DeWolf and Colt women who lived in the mansion, their daily lives and roles of ladies in the 19th and 20th centuries. Hear the stories about different women who lived and worked at Linden Place from 1810 through 1986: a slave trader's wife: Charlotte DeWolf, a widow who make ends meet, turned Linden Place into a boarding house, Sarah DeWolf, the social "grand dame" of Bristol, Theodora DeWolf Colt, who saved Linden Place from the auction block and an Oscar winning actress, Ethel Barrymore, who spent summers at Linden Place. 

Duration: 1 hour 
Cost: $12.00/person for groups 10 or more.  
This tour is offered on select Saturdays during the tour season and also by appointment. Please check our events page.

Bristol and the Slave Trade talk and WaLking Tour 

This walking tour of Linden Place and downtown Bristol is focused specifically on Bristol's DeWolf family and their involvement in the transatlantic Slave Trade. The DeWolf family, Bristol's notorious family in the 18th and early 19th centuries, was once one of the largest traders of slaves in New England. Learn how Bristol, New  England and all of the United States were impacted by the slave trading DeWolfs at Linden Place from  our museum educators. The tour begins at Linden Place Mansion, continues through the  center of historic Bristol and down to the waterfront of Thames Street, pointing out significant sites tied to Bristol's lengthy and profitable involvement in the slave  trade.

 Duration: 2 hours 
 Where: starts at Linden Place Mansion and continues through downtown Bristol. Easy 1/2 mile walk.
 Cost: $15.00/person
This tour is offered on select Thursdays and Saturdays during the tour season and also by appointment. Please check our events page.

Linden Place Gardens and Grounds Tour

A special docent-led tour focused on the statuary on the Linden Place Mansion grounds. Explore the grounds while you uncover the history behind the statues and the man that brought them to Bristol, Samuel Pomeroy Colt. Hear the stories of Polymny, the woman who graces the front lawn as well as the “rampant colts” placed throughout the lawns. As you tour the grounds, you will have a chance to appreciate the 200-year-old mansion from a different view. Offered monthly May through September and by appointment.
Duration: 1 hour 
Cost: $12.00/person
This tour is offered on select Saturdays during the tour season and also by appointment. Please check our events page.

Hauntings at Linden Place 

This tour explores the ghost stories associated with the DeWolf and Colt families and the eerie amusements of the 19th century. As you tour the 200-year-old mansion's rooms by candlelight, you might discover that the dead have always been alive at Linden Place. Learn about the rumored hauntings of Colt Farm and Colt Memorial School, about vampires roaming the towns of Rhode Island in the 1800s, and mediums summoning the return of the lost. Discover the traditional mourning practices of families in Bristol by examining jewelry, dress and photographs. Experiment with some of the "weird science" techniques practiced during the 19th century. and finally...find out if any of Linden Place's ghosts will be following you home. 

Duration: 1 hour 
Cost: $15.00 Non Members, $10.00 for Linden Place Members 
For Dates of this Tour, Please check our events page.

Gourmet Boxed Lunches 

Linden Place is delighted to offer our group tours the option of enjoying lunch inside our historic ballroom or tented courtyard, upon request. The catered boxed lunch, offered by one of Linden Place's premier caterers, will be served at linen covered tables. Requests for lunch must be made, at least, 3 weeks in advance. 

Sandwich or wrap options: Roast beef, ham & cheese, roasted turkey, pastrami, tuna salad, chicken salad or grilled vegetable 
Pasta salad or potato salad, potato chips, homemade cookies, brownie or whole fruit 
Bottle water or canned soda 
All paper products & condiments 

Cost: $18.00/person