Top 10 Reasons to watch the bristol 4th of July PArade at Linden Place

10. Not having to set up your chair at 5am! Plenty of room and plenty of chairs mean that you can spend a little more time catching some Z’s. We will have your spot waiting for you!

9. No cooler necessary! No need to lug that heavy cooler wherever you roam. Linden Place will greet you with hot coffee and a continental breakfast spread by award winning caterer, Pranzi Catering. A picnic lunch follows with all the fixins. You don’t need to bring a thing!

8. Shade, shade and more shade. Our 100 year-old Linden trees provide lots of comfortable shade throughout the day. You won’t swelter under our trees’ shelter!

7. REAL restrooms! Rest comfortably knowing that well-stocked restrooms are just a few steps away.

6. Elbow room! We only sell a limited amount of tickets to our annual event ensuring that there is plenty of room for all our guests to get a great view.

5. Bracelet access all day long. You don’t have to feel confined to the one spot you staked off to watch the parade, like you do on the sidewalks. We give you a bracelet so that you can come and go as you please! Enjoy the atmosphere of Bristol!

4. Linden Place is Family friendly! Sitting along the parade route for hours is hard! Linden Place offers the chance for families to relax, play and spread out under the shade of our trees. There’s even a scavenger hunt of the mansion for kids and adults alike!

3. It’s where ALL the action happens! Watch the parade from our bandstand where all the bands perform and where the energy level is tops!

2. Preserving Linden Place! Know that your ticket purchase helps to preserve this 200 year-old mansion for future generations and another 100 years of parades. This 30 year tradition at Linden Place is a major fundraiser for our museum!

1. Tour 200-years of Bristol History while you wait! After breakfast, head into the mansion for a tour of Linden Place Mansion. Learning this mansion’s fascinating history is a great way to pass the time until the parade starts to go by.