Linden Place was built in 1810 by George DeWolf.  When the sea was America’s highway, the DeWolf family ruled along with the Browns of  Providence, and as with the Brown family, the DeWolfs made their money in trading slaves. George’s family and descendants occupied the house for 177 years until the Friends of Linden Place, a non-profit group, assumed ownership in 1988. Perhaps the most famous occupant was Colonel Samuel Pomeroy Colt, George’s grandson.  He started Industrial Trust Bank which later became Fleet and he formed U.S. Rubber which became today’s Uniroyal Tires.  This house is considered the “architectural crown jewel” of Bristol and it is important to the social history of the town as well.

 Yankee Magazine, in a recent feature article, described a visit this way:    “More than a house tour, it’s the history of our country, dark corners and all.”  Welcome, and thank you for visiting us.

Linden Place is currently finalizing our new audio tour, to be launched in early 2022. In the meantime, from time to time we will be adding installments of our "Stories Series" on this page.  The stories, and current information about our events, projects, and initiatives, are also available by subscribing to our E-Newsletter.


Story #2 is an observation of the life of Samuel Pomeroy Colt on the 100th year anniversary of his passing in 1921.

 Story #3 takes place around 1915 and tells the story of hydroplanes and the aerodrome at Samuel Colt's farm in Bristol