Thanks to community-minded people like you, Linden Place is what it is today. More than just the crown jewel of Bristol, it’s become a vibrant cultural hub for the East Bay and one of Rhode Island’s most admired historic treasures.

At every event that takes place here year-round, we celebrate the generosity of those who make it possible. Like any old house (only bigger), keeping it going requires significant ongoing work and expense—more than $450,000 a year, in fact. Aside from an occasional grant, Linden Place receives no funds from the town, state, or federal government to help cover these operational costs.

That’s why every donation to Linden Place’s Annual Appeal is so important and so appreciated.

Just as we value every contribution, we understand the value of making donations easily affordable for anyone who wishes to do his or her part. By becoming a Linden Place Sustainer, you may make recurring monthly contributions for as little as $10 through your credit card. Such gifts can make an enormous impact on our bottom line each year.

However you choose to give, the Friends of Linden Place thank you for your support.

Please know that every dollar helps secure the future of this historic community resource for future generations.