Linden Place is grateful for the diligence of our Rhode Island community members and citizens in fighting the spread of Covid by not only masking, but also by vaccinating. We are committed to protecting our staff, our volunteers, our patrons and our audiences.

To support those shared goals, wearing a mask while visiting Linden Place has been our standard policy.  In addition to that, we also require that all visitors over the age of five years old who are visiting the museum or attending a Linden Place-sponsored event on our grounds show proof of vaccination.

We require that our employees and volunteers be vaccinated, and that the employees of any of our vendors who interact with the public during Linden Place-sponsored events be vaccinated as well.  

When you make a reservation for a free event here, or purchase a ticket for an event sponsored and advertised by Linden Place, you will see a message that proof of vaccination is required, and that appropriate masking is practiced unless eating or drinking.

We know that it will take efforts by all of us to ensure that a visit to Linden Place is a healthy and enjoyable experience. We thank you in helping us support a healthy community and safe environment.