Linden Place Executive Director Job Posting

Linden Place was built in 1810 by George DeWolf. When the sea was America’s highway, the DeWolf family ruled along with the Browns of Providence, and as with the Brown family, the DeWolf's made their money in the triangle slave trade. The family and descendants occupied the house for 177 years until the Friends of Linden Place, a non-profit group, assumed ownership in 1988. Perhaps the most famous occupant was Colonel Samuel Pomeroy Colt, George’s grandson. He started Industrial Trust Bank which later became Fleet and he formed U.S. Rubber which became today’s Uniroyal Tires. This house is considered the architectural crown jewel of Bristol, and it is important to the social history of the town as well. Linden Place is a popular destination in Bristol, RI for locals and tourists. Linden Place hosts many public and private events throughout the year. Linden Place, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is operated by the Friends of Linden Place. 

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Linden Place also offers year-round internship opportunities for high school, college and graduate students interested in careers in communications, museums, non-profit organizations, marketing and more. We offer a way for students to gain professional skills and learn about the professions offered in a museum setting.

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