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2019 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Friends of Linden Place and we want to thank YOU, our members, for your generous support, which has helped sustain our mission for three decades!

In 1989, Linden Place was saved from development by a forward-thinking, grassroots effort to preserve this piece of Bristol history. It wasn’t easy, but Linden Place was deemed an important architectural and cultural link not only to Bristol’s past but to the history of Rhode Island. Voters saved Linden Place and entrusted the Friends of Linden Place to restore and preserve the estate. We have taken this task seriously and have spent 30 years ensuring that Linden Place is fulfilling its mission to enhance the cultural, artistic and educational lives of Bristol residents and visitors, while restoring and preserving the historic Linden Place property.

In the past ten years, with YOUR support, Linden Place has made great strides in preservation by completing almost one-half million dollars of restoration and preservation work to the 200-year-old estate.

Sometimes these projects were eye-catching, such as the replication and installation of the mansion’s rooftop balustrade and bulls-eye skylight or the restoration of the 19th century wrought iron fence. Some projects were less visible but no less important, such as repair of the mansion’s slate roof and installation of a new wireless fire suppression system and smoke detectors. As we speak, a $114,000 restoration of the mansion’s 100 windows is being completed. None of these projects would have been possible without you!

In 2019, Linden Place will upgrade the electrical system of the mansion, which is currently knob and tube wiring, restore and paint the exterior of the 1850’s barn, finish the creation of the Ros Bosworth Memorial Garden in the southeast corner of the grounds and refinish the courtyard flooring to make it safe and attractive for special events and programs.

Let’s celebrate 30 years at Linden Place!

Help Linden Place remain the ‘living room’ of Bristol and preserve this nationally important landmark for another 30 years and for generations to come. Will you please consider a gift to Linden Place’s Annual Fund to support our ongoing preservation of this iconic Bristol landmark? Your donation will go a long way to help us this year!

Thank you for your consideration, and Happy Holidays from your friends at Linden Place.


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